What to Consider When Creating Corporate Audio

Audio can be used in the corporate world in many ways.

From voicemails for missed calls, training videos and e-learning to marketing videos, however finding the right voice for your company can be difficult.

Your Brand

The most important part of finding a voice, is finding one that matches your brand. If you tend to use less formal communication, consider yourself a fun brand and have a younger target audience, it wouldn’t make sense to use a formal, monotone voice from an older person as it doesn’t relate to your brand or your audience.

 Your Aim

What type of audio are you creating? What is the overall goal of that audio?

For example, if you are recording a voicemail for missed calls, you want it to be crisp and clear so the caller knows what is being said, and to sound engaging so they aren’t upset their call has been missed.

By recording in-house using a member of the team, they might have a lovely voice, but the recording may not sound as clear or they may have an accent some people find difficult to understand, or perhaps their pronunciation of a certain word or phrase isn’t as you had envisioned. It’s always best to use a professional voice artist with experience, no matter how small the job may seem.

Your Script

Creating a script is highly important as it means you, the voice artist and anyone else involved in the audio creation process understands your vision. It also means everyone can prepare for the recording, as well as give their opinions and feedback on the script so your recording can be the best it possibly can be.

Remember to have a beginning, middle and end to your script, no matter how short, and to only include the necessary points so the message gets across clearly.

Finding the Right Voice

Now you understand your brand, audience, aim and have a script written, it’s time to find a voice! Whilst corporate, it’s always important to use a voice that is engaging and conversational to keep people interested.

If you need a voice for your upcoming corporate project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Here at Loquacious Media we have a range of over 1,000 voices in more than 100 different languages! We guarantee we can find the perfect one for you!

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