How to Create a Script That Sounds Amazing

Finding the right voice for your brand is only part of the journey when it comes to creating a magical and meaningful audio recording.

Here are our top tips for writing the perfect script…

Create a Message

First and foremost, before you even begin to write the script, take time to think about what your key points for the recording is. Develop a clear message with the most important points highlighted, then begin to delve into the script writing. This way you won’t become overwhelmed, there won’t be overlaps, and you can represent your brand clearly through your script.

Simplicity is Key

Your audience has a limited attention span, so it’s important to keep your script concise and engaging.

Use simple language and avoid industry slang and jargon so your audience can understand what is being said. Try to vary tone of voice to keep them engaged and make sure there are not too many points or overlaps otherwise this can become confusing for the listener.

Take a Breath

Pauses can have just as much of an impact as words can, so remember to allow for silence in your script.

Having these pauses can create emphasis on certain words, and give listeners time to think about what they’ve heard. This keeps them more engaged and stimulated which is exactly what you want from your script.

Say it Out Loud

Though it might sound right in your head, when you read your script out, you may find certain words don’t fit, or phrases need to be tweaked.

Always read your script aloud throughout the writing process, and try to read it to someone with no involvement as together you’ll pick up on sections that may need revisiting.

Need a Voice?

Now you have the perfect script, you need the perfect voice! Get in touch with us today and we can find a talented voice artist that can bring your script to life.

What Are You Looking For?

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