Voice Talent Agency

Loquacious Media will always do our best to help find the perfect voice for a brand. We do that by working closely with our fantastic professional voice artists to help them flourish.

How do we do that?

Scouting for Top Talent

We already have an extensive roster of top talents with years of experience in front of the microphone. Our voice artists are versatile and top professionals that are ready to perform.

We are always on the lookout for top talents to add to our already extensive database.


One of the wonderful things about the world of voiceovers is that it covers so many different sub genres, from commercials and animation, to corporate e-learning and supermarket tills, to everything inbetween.

This is why we offer workshop opportunities to our voice talents – so that they can add strings to their bow.

The best way to learn is getting hands-on experience with those who know the industry.

At Loquacious Media, we like to hold interactive workshops to help our voice artists gain a better insight into specific areas of the audio industry, and develop their talents so they can stand out above the rest and deliver exceptional performances to their chosen brand.


It can be difficult to find jobs appropriate for your morals, talents and time. At Loquacious Media, we offer a management service for both our voice artists and brands.

This means we spend time with our voice talents to understand what they need from a brand and actively help them find work. When a brand comes to us, we can easily make recommendations and find the perfect match from our database of professional artists.

We offer specific project management for our clients, too! When you hand over the audio element of you projects, as well as the localization process, you can rest assured it is all safely and lovingly looked after by our team


Learning how to reach your full potential through one-on-one sessions with a qualified, professional voice coach is an invaluable experience.

Our founder, Camilla Laxton, is a big name in the audio industry and has worked with local and global companies including the BBC, Jaguar and Netflix. She now offers voice coaching sessions for established voice artists to help them push their boundaries and grow with their voice.


Perhaps you have been thinking of embarking on a new career as a voice talent? Get in touch with us today to book a one-on-one session where Camilla will guide you through a simple, but effective step-by-step process.