Why has Online Gaming Become So Popular?

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of online gamers, and the number of online games available to play. But why is this?

Improved Technology

Technology has massively improved over the past decade, and with that gaming has been able to take off.

Technology now makes online gaming accessible from anywhere with smartphones. They also make the games available on all PCs, laptops, tablets and gaming devices, often with cross-play allowing people to play against each other when they’re on different devices.

Professional & Immersive

Developers are investing more and more into their games to make them more immersive and real-life as possible.

Improved technology means graphics are incredibly high quality, and the audio used is crisp, clear and authentic to the game.

This has led to gaming becoming a go-to escape from reality… that feels like reality.


Online gaming – particularly over the Covid-19 pandemic – has become a form of online communication between friends and strangers.

It’s almost like another form of social media where people can communicate with each other and play together without having to be in the same room.

If you have a friend in Australia whilst you’re in the UK, you can both play the same game at the same time. Playing with people you don’t know is something gamers enjoy as well, as each new online opponent brings a new challenge that can improve your gaming abilities.

Need a Voice?

The audio in online games is a crucial part to creating an immersive, enjoyable game. At Loquacious Media, we have a huge number of voice talents from all over the world that have

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