How to Choose the Right Voice Artist for Your Brand

Though often overlooked, having a defined voice for your brand can do wonders for your business!

Why Do You Need a Voice?

First and foremost, a distinct voice makes your brand stand out. It enhances the way you communicate with your current and potential customers, and gives your brand the ‘edge’ your competitors may not necessarily have.

This ties in nicely with easy identification. Having a consistent voice used in your marketing, whether that be radio adverts or social media videos, helps people to immediately recognise the commercial is related to your brand!

As a result loyalty is built! Your consistent voice that stands out from competitors and will be recognised over and over by those overhearing your commercials will go to you first when they need your products or service, and the emotional connection a brand voice can nurture will mean they continue coming back to you, so long as you deliver what your voice promises.

What Voice Do You Need?

The first thing you need to do when you want to discover your brand’s voice is define your audience. Who is it that will be listening? Do they want a faster, more excitable pace or a slower pace? Would they prefer formal speech or does slang suit your business better?

It’s then important to think about language. Do you need your commercials in several languages or just the one? Another thing to think about is accents. Sometimes accents can really add emphasis and catch people’s attention, as well as make your brand feel more authentic. For example, if you sell Scottish porridge oats, you would want a voice artist with a true Scottish accent, however if you wanted your commercial to be comical, you may choose a voice artist with a French accent attempting to use Scottish slang!

Once you have decided on tone, formality and language, it’s time to really think about what emotions you want to evoke. Some brands may want those listening to their commercials to come away laughing, whilst others may prefer for their listeners to sit back and think after hearing their voice.

The best way to really understand exactly what voice you are looking for is to imagine your brand as a person. Are they male or female? How old are they? What do they sound like, what are they wearing, what do they want to tell people? Once you have established the voice you need, it’s time to actually find them…

How to Discover Your Voice

The thought of trying to find the perfect match for your brand can be daunting as there are so many talented voice artists out there!

Here at Loquacious Media, we have years of experience in the audio production industry, and our founder has worked with huge names such as Dell, Netflix and Jaguar! Our databse currently has over 1,000 highly talented voice artists from more than 100 countries meaning we definitely have the voice for you.

Not only can we find them, but we can ensure a perfect match. At Loquacious Media we work closely with you to really understand exactly what you are looking for, and do the same with our voice talents. That way, we can pair the two of you flawlessly and initiate a beautiful connection that lasts!

Finding your voice is not just something that happens, it’s a journey. If you’re ready to start yours, then get in touch with us today!

What Are You Looking For?

Tell us about your latest project and we’ll begin your bespoke matchmaking process straight away. You can rely on us.