Got the ideas and vision, but suffering from podcast
procrastination? Daunted by the whole concept? Struggling to see
How this can be any fun at all?
Would you like a little help?
You’ve come to the right place.
With a longstanding passion for creative collaboration and all things
audio, the time had finally come to crack the code of podcasting…
So in May 2023 Camilla Laxton teamed up with broadcaster and
voice artist Clare Reeves.
Equipped with curious minds, ounces of spontaneity and a
determination to overcome any challenge – and have some fun
along the way – we made our way to The Podcast Show to find out
from the experts themselves…

Examples of Podcasts

So, here we share our 10 steps for creating engaging podcasts:


10 episodes of our immersive inaugural series on how to create
podcasts – all recorded at The Podcast Show, thanks to the
hospitality of Black Cat Music and their exhibited Studio Bricks
Acoustic Booth
And thanks also to London Media Lounge for helping us with the
post production…

Create Engaging Podcasts with Loq Media

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Why Do I Need Podcasts?

Crafting a podcast title and tagline allows for a succinct and impactful presentation, capturing the essence of the podcast while maintaining brevity and clarity. It enables potential listeners to quickly grasp the theme and tone of the podcast, enticing them to explore further without overwhelming them with excessive information.

Ready to Start Your Journey?

If you need a hand finding the right voice for your production or event, please get in contact with us today and we can find your Podcast.