Three Reasons why E-Learning has Taken Off

Over the past 10 years, e-learning has become huge, especially since the start of Covid-19, which was a catalyst for the industry.

Environmentally and Wallet-Friendly

E-Learning is all completed online, which means fewer materials and documentation, no need to travel, and savings on room rental and trainers.

The cost of E-Learning works out well in comparison to in-person training, and despite the upfront cost, courses can be accessed by multiple people multiple times, meaning the cost per training session is minimal.

Better Engagement

The technology used in E-Learning often makes the courses more interactive with videos, colours and gaming elements.

Courses online also mean people can go at their own speed rather than trying to keep up with other coursemates, making it easier for them to learn and keeping them engaged.


With working from home really taking off, balancing work life and family life can be difficult.

E-Learning allows people to access training whenever suits them, without travelling to a training session. This saves them having to take additional time off work for training which is brilliant for employers as well!

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