Why is Audio Important in Gaming?

Online gaming has become a world-wide phenomenon, and though you might not think it, audio can help games become fan favourites and stand out above the rest in a very saturated market.


If your game is set in the Australian outback, having voiceovers with an Australian accent will help make the game feel more realistic. Again, if it’s a fast-paced action game set in Washington, having voiceovers with a Washington accent that gives quick and clear instructions will help to create the excitement and make the game more immersive.

However, it’s difficult to achieve this audio authenticity without professional voice artists who can record with clarity and enthusiasm. At Loquacious Media, we have more than 1,000 professional voice artists – many of which have been involved in gaming – consisting of over 100 languages. So regardless of where and when your game is set, we guarantee at least one of our talents will be able to fulfil the brief, as a bare minimum, and usually many more!

Ease of Play

Lots of games these days have so many stages and missions that without a helpful voiceover, they can be difficult to play. Having clear voiceovers introducing each task will help gamers continue playing and progressing to the next level.

Ensuring these voiceover instructions are clear and concise can be difficult without the use of professional voice artists. At Loquacious Media, our voice talents know how to record clearly, with correct pronunciation, emphasis, tone and style – and empathy – in a professional acoustic setting.


Having professional voice overs in your game that compliments high-quality graphics makes your game seem professional and worth playing. This can lead to better play, better reviews and more sales!

Our voice artists at Loquacious Media are trained professionals with bundles of experience. They can help to take your game to the next level and become one of the top played.

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