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Why choose us?

Our involvement in the ‘1984’ audio drama was a profound journey, spanning six months as the production manager for the UK original. We played a crucial role in casting supporting talents, facilitating recordings, and advising on localising the production into various languages. This immersive adaptation of George Orwell’s masterpiece was shortlisted for the prestigious Audies, akin to the Oscars for audio books and audio dramas, marking a milestone for accessibility and relevance in today’s world. The timing of our recordings, coinciding with significant global events, added a poignant depth to our work, making ‘1984’ not just a production but a historic achievement.

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“Loq Media’s audio books have transformed my daily commute into an adventure. The quality is unmatched!”

Alex Johnson

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“The voice actors are phenomenal! I feel like I’m right there in the story. Highly recommend!”

Maria Lopez

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