Audio Localisation

Introducing your brand to a whole new world…

What is Audio Localisation?

Audio localisation is the process of transforming your brand’s multimedia so it’s suitable for a new audience. This may be expanding your company to a country you haven’t been introduced to before, or launching your brand in a different part of the country you operate in now.

What Countries Require Audio Localisation?

Though audio localisation is highly suggested for any new audience to make your brand more relatable, if you are looking to introduce your company to a native-speaking country, it’s very important to localise your multimedia. Germany, Italy and France are all at the top of the list for localisation must-haves, and by doing so, you’ll find your marketing campaigns are much more successful!

Can I Do It Myself?

Localisation does not just mean changing current audio into a new language or dialect. It’s also important to be aware of cultural differences, and ensure no words or messaging are used in commercials and voiceovers that may be offensive or inappropriate. Not having experience in localization, or having a sufficient understanding of cultural beliefs, can make multimedia transformation difficult. It’s therefore always worth working with a professional in localization to ensure your transition into your new market is smooth.

How Can Loquacious Media Help You?

Not only can we find you a native voice talent when introducing your brand to a new market we also have extensive experience and a deep understanding of how to perform successful translations. It’s important to understand your new market and its cultural differences, to ensure a smooth conversion. You’ll want to avoid that small details are missed out which can cause repercussions. At loquacious media, we already have the knowledge, the know-how and the relationships in place and can help your brand transform perfectly to its new audience without any hiccups.


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