Audio Production

Hands on production helping to create outstanding audio for your brand.
1984 – Camilla Laxton was UK Production Manager for this audio drama of George Orwell’s 1984

What is Audio Production?

When creating any media piece with sound, whether that’s a radio commercial, film or recording a song, audio plays a vital part and it’s essential you get it right in order for your piece to be successful.

Audio production relates to the creation of sound, and implementing it into your media professionally. Audio can change the entire dynamic of your piece, and getting it right is an artful skill. If you want to achieve something magical, always work with an audio production company, such as us!

Elements of Audio Production

Audio production isn’t just about creating sound. Our job as your audio production team means we manage the day to day handlings that come with creating a masterpiece. From liasing with studios, to finding your voice talent, to scheduling and monitoring all activity, this all falls under the umbrella of audio production.

Not only do we help with all the goings on during the actual production, but we’re present long before! As part of our audio production management, we act as consultants and can help you to understand, discover and decide on how best to go about making your audio fantastic.

How Can Loq Media Help?

At Loq Media, we want your brand to not only succeed, but thrive! With many years of experience in the audio production industry, and numerous multimedia pieces made with the help of us, we have the skills, expertise and dedication to grasp your needs with both hands, and deliver something exceptional!

Ready to Start Your Journey?

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