How to Create an Effective International TV Commercial

Creating a stand-out TV commercial to be aired in your own country is difficult enough, but when you enter a new market and need to create one that is loved by a completely different country, it’s really tricky!

The Process of Transcreation 

When creating a TV commercial for a new country, not only is translation important but ensuring you take the rules, restrictions and cultural beliefs into consideration is essential. 

You want to ensure your commercial makes sense to viewers, and doesn’t cause any form of offence. This is easier said than done if you haven’t got the experience or knowledge of that country and it’s culture. At Loquacious Media, we have created audio for many different countries and can not only help with the translation process, but create a commercial suitable for your new audience that is still a showstopper. 

Narration, Not Just a Voice

When creating a TV commercial, audio plays a vital role. A voiceover doesn’t simply just state facts, but helps to tell the story of the visual component.

You need to find a voice that fits your brand and the story you are telling, that is clear, coherent and emphasizes at all the right moments. Though you might not think choosing a voice for your commercial is important, it really is, and you should spend time finding a narrator, not just a voice.

Native is Usually Best

When creating a TV commercial for a new country, we always suggest finding a native voice to that country. It will make you commercial more relatable and understandable, and your voice artist may be able to help with translation and transcreation as well!

Need a Voice?

Finding the right voice for your TV commercial can seem an impossible task, but not with the help of us here at Loquacious Media! With more than 100 languages and over 1,000 voices in our professional, experienced, talented database, we guarantee we’ll find the perfect match for your TV commercial.

What Are You Looking For?

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