The Importance of Transcreation

When introducing your brand to a new country, just making sure the
words can be understood by your new audience is not enough.

What is Transcreation

Transcreation is the process of adapting content from one language to
another. This doesn’t just involve translating, but having a deeper cultural
understanding, and ensuring the original message is preserved, whilst
keeping with the beliefs of the new audience you are promoting to.

You Must Research!

With new countries and audiences come new obstacles.
It’s so important that you research before creating advertisements as
there can be restrictions with certain products. For example, in
Scandinavia, you can’t advertise medicine, alcohol or tobacco which may
make you reconsider how to introduce your business there.

Translation vs Transcreation

Though both translation and transcreation involve creating information for
a new audience, there is a big difference between the two.
First of all, translators will usually use the original copy or script, and
simply use their knowledge to translate the words into another language.
The sentence structure may be changed slightly so it’s easy to read, but
there will be minimal changes to the original writing.
Transcreation will often involve the creation of a brand-new script. This is
so the new audience has a better understanding of the information being
put across, and any obstacles will be avoided.
Translation requires language expertise, whilst transcreation involves a
much more in-depth, cultural understanding.

Need a Hand?

Introducing your brand to a new audience can be scary, and it’s so
important you research to secure knowledge of obstacles, preferences
and other advertising aspects.

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